It’s been a huge rollercoaster ride of a year with innumerable ups and downs. From the beginning of Covid and multiple lockdowns, to when staying home became a lifestyle habit for us, the year has whizzed by. With all the sorrow and difficulty came something else, and we saw humanity band together in the most incredible way possible. Be it heart-warming gestures, or movements of solidarity, the world got a lot of good news to balance out the bad.

The biggest thing that to ask yourself is, what was the lesson YOU learned from the year of a lifetime? What made life a little more bearable? What’s your takeaway from 2020?

Well, all of us learnt a lot, but the most precious lessons are,

1. Admire The Little Things-
In a time when days were bleak, there were tiny weird trends that we hopped onto which brought pops of joy and colour into our lives. This user adored the iconic dalgona coffee trend and was content to whip and make mugfuls by the dozen!
We have to say, curling up at home with a delicious mug of beaten coffee, and drinking till you have a foam moustache sounds like heaven!

2. The Most important Things in Life aren’t Things - They may annoy you, and drive you just a little bit berserk, but at the end of the day, it's likely this lockdown inadvertently forced you into close proximity with your family. And slowly, be it over shaky zoom calls, or board game afternoons with tea, or late night reminiscing story sessions, you have probably found yourself growing closer to them and reliving the memories of your childhood again. This one’s to the people who were there for us when no one else was. Appreciate them!

3. Don’t Take Anything For Granted- There’s a zillion things in life you used to take for granted that seem like a distant dream now. Going for impromptu walks and outings, squashing into crowded places with your friends, these are all far away now. This particular user even misses their desk and workspace. They probably yearn for the time you could leave your work at the desk and separate it from the 24/7 home schedule! Although, it may have something to do with the food at the cafeteria as well ;)

4. Take that Leap of Faith- Maybe you’re a super productive person who started planning right away, or maybe you waited until you were bored out of your skull for that final push. Either way, we can guarantee you have tried something new, or gone back to an old hobby this quarantine. With endless hours of nothingness stretching ahead, taking up some activities is a wonderful idea! This user finally overcame her nerves and went for a ‘zumba zoom class’ Apart from keeping your heart rate up, and ensuring proper exercise, it was also sure to be loads of fun!
Now, they have emerged with a newfound confidence and a love for dance, as well as a groovy set of moves!

5. Rekindle with a Twist- Some timeless friends slipped away over time, as the Forever from BFF got replaced with “Free nahi hoon, sorry yaar.” This lockdown gave a lot of people the perfect opportunity to catch up with those old friends and see just how far they had come! Even close colleagues or friends got to learn more about each other as, whiling away the hours lazing on the couch and chatting on calls.
Not only that, watch parties and online game rooms like houseparty - ludo became all the craze, and we are sure you couldn’t get enough!

6. Kindness first - Be it on the news, or through wholesome videos and stories, we have seen people go out of their way and show the true humanity in them to help others through this difficult time. At Creative Ideas, we too aimed to spread the love, and someone picked up on it! As appreciated by this user, we are closer to our goal of donating 1 Million Masks to frontline and underprivileged workers. Help us out now here if you can support the cause because: 

You Buy - We Donate
You Donate - We double the effect

We are sure you found these life lessons #Relatable, but more over we all learnt how to be strong and help each other no matter whatever comes – everyone knows “This shall to pass” attitude can sail you smoothly. As you reflect back onto the One year since the lockdown, we hope you are able to look back and smile.

And adhere to the norms- 

  • Wear a face masks
  • Wash your hands
  • Keep a safe distance

You made it through the storm, and you will emerge on the other side as well. United, we all will.

Until then, Keep Calm, Stay Safe, and Wear a mask. Save lives.