Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference”

Be a #FanOfHumanity - Donate for Corona affected families

With this idea in mind Team, CREATIVE IDEAS has come forward to extend our support and help daily wage earners in this fight against COVID-19 with support from Fankind India and Give India Foundation.

Our mission is to raise the monthly wages of 150+ families who’ve been affected by Coronavirus Pandemic.

We believe that it is this moment of the adversity that brings mankind together and we as human shall stand-in support of the community we dwell in, with all our means to fight such difficult situations. It is the society that gives us resources and when this society is in need of these resources, we shall not be reluctant to contribute our parts.

With the spread of novel corona virus worldwide, the current situation asks for the solidarity of humankind.

With around 7 lac of people affected and 33 Thousand confirmed deaths around the globe, the situation is getting worse every day.

The worse affected by this pandemic are the daily wagers whose life completely depend on their day to day earning and now when the entire nation is shut, when others could either rely on their savings or corporate working from home, these poor people are still on a sad end as they neither have savings nor can they work from home.

In this moment of tragedy where the entire nation is put to partial or complete lockdown, people are facing huge stress as they could not go to work and therefore can’t earn their utmost basic amenities.

Creative Ideas came up in collaboration with Fankind to help Hundreds of daily wage workers like plumbers, construction workers, coolies electricians, drivers, cleaners, laundry worker, etc. to mobilize funds and to discharge them in the interest of the affected community.

The funds collected by the platform will be used to provide them with their basic necessities that are food to feed their family and rents to pay for their accommodation for at least one month to 100 families. The campaign’s target is to raise 7 lakh INR to help 150+ families. In this global catastrophic the idea is to extend all possible support to the affected underprivileged community of the society. It is the support of Creative Ideas that a lot of people could now fill their stomachs staying home.

Here is the link to Donate:

A small share from our pocket can support them for  the entire month

With support from Fankind and Give India, Team CREATIVE IDEAS urges all the humans to be #FanOfHumanity and #DonateNow

We are all together in this!

#StayHome #StaySafe #IndiaFightsCorona